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Jvk by kidface

(karkat songfic)

{I will not bow by breaking benjamin}

finally 4 weeks after the fight at the cafe, you decided to get a job there. it was all cleaned up after the 'mess'. some of the thugs had died, some were fatally wounded and were recovering in a hospital, then they were going to jail.

you stood at the till, waiting for more customers. you didn't want this job for the money, you liked it because you felt sorry for the workers after the incident and you had no other job. so you decided this one.

'Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over'

you were sitting there, bored, 19:54 your shift finishes in 6 minutes.

you hung up your apron and walked out the door to go home.

'Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere'

you got to your house door to find it was locked, your mother was probably in bed or watching TV. you took out your spare keys, when you felt something sharp prick your back.

"Move or scream and you die, then i kill whoever's in this house..." came a gruff voice from behind you. you realised, a knife was pointed to your back and someone was behind you. 

'All is lost again
But I'm not giving in'

the stranger ripped off your shirt, leaving you in your bra and jeans, put its arm around your waist and fiddled with your  jeans button, he succeeded and put his hand down your jeans, trying to put it through your panties.

you heard him shriek behind you. you found a bloody sickle on the floor along with an ear. you turned your head slightly to see a figure holding another sickle, you quickly recognised who the sickles belonged to. Karkat. "YOU MOTHERFUCKER! DONT TOUCH HER!" he screamed.

'I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away'

the rapist turned around and ran at him. trying to hit him with the knife. karkat easily ducked, dodging it. the stranger then got him in the arm, karkat growled but that never stopped him.

'I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away'

you stood there in amazement as karkat was sitting on the rapists stomach and was beating the crap out of the rapist.

'Watch the end through dying eyes
Now the dark is taking over
Show me where forever dies
Take the fall and run to Heaven'

the rapist then flipped them both over and he tried to dig the knife in karkats neck. karkat grabbed his wrists and tried his hardest to push the knife away. you grabbed one of the sickles and threw it to the attacker. he turned around and ran to you. but then a hand was placed on his shoulder and he was forced back to fight against karkat.

'All is lost again
But I'm not giving in

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away'

the attacker then stuck his knife into karkats leg and karkat drew back, screaming. "SHIT, MY FUCKING LEG!" the attacker then ran to you with hungry eyes but you kicked him in the stomach and kicked him in the nuts. he drew back and karkat stuck his sickle in the attackers shoulder while you banged on your house door. 

'And I'll survive, paranoid
I have lost the will to change
And I am not proud, cold-blooded fake
I will shut the world away'

your mother opened the door and her eyes widened. she then grabbed her phone and called the police.

"they said they're on their way." she whispered as she took off her jacket and gave it to you. suddenly the neighbors came out to see what was the ruckus was. the attacker then threw off karkat and took out a gun. "Nobody move!" he said while taking out a gun. 
'I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away'

karkat then took one of his sickles and tried to attack, ending up getting two bullets in the stomach and chest. he coughed up blood, then got the attacker in the shoulder, giving a policeman time to taser the attacker, who fell on the floor twitching.

the attacker was then hauled into a police car, while Karkat was put on a stretcher. You ran up beside him. 

"Karkat, im so,so,so sorry" your bottom lip quivered. "FOR WHAT? I FOLLOWED THAT RAPIST TO SEE WHERE HE WOULD ATTACK NEXT, THEN I SAW YOU, POOF, HERE I AM." Karkat said, coughing. "ma'am, we need to get this patient into the amberlamps, please move some can get him To the hospital." the Swedish paramedic said before trying to wheel Karkat onto the vehicle.

"I'LL SEE YOU WHEN IM OUT!" Karkat called before the doors closed and wheeled away. Karkat vantas just saved your life...

'And I'll survive, paranoid
I have lost the will to change
And I am not proud, cold-blooded fake
I will shut the world away'

The hybrid stopped at your door. You hopped off it and it turned back into jake. You stared at the cuts he had and immediately felt sorry for him. You looked into his eyes. Pain and serious. "is it ok if you come in so I can bandage your wounds?" you asked. Jake made no movement.

So you grabbed his hand and led him upstairs into your room. You then walked into your bathroom to get a basin full of water, a bottle of disinfect and a cloth.

When you came back out, jake was standing in the same position as you left him. His eyes, staring into your soul. His face was still a glaring scowl. It took you a few seconds to realise how tall he was compared to you. He was like a giant to you and you were only a matchstick to him. Then his hands, they were massave too.

You took the damp cloth and carefully laid against one of the smaller wounds. Jake hissed but made no movements whatsoever. You then cleaned it out and knelt down and put the cloth on his bellybutton. Trying to remove the blood that spilled out of the T shaped hole. He gasped slightly, throwing his head back and vaccumed his stomach in at the cold touch of the cloth and pain of the cut and the sting of the disinfect. He then put his hand on your head and stroked your hair to let you know it was ok to continue.

Then there was his back. He had a tatoo of angel wings. You couldn't see them because of the blood. So once you cleaned it up. You could get a better view

You moved onto the last wound, his neck, You cleaned the cloth and dabbed it on his neck. All the dry blood was gone and all was left were two deep holes. You took a bandage roll and attempted to wrap up his wounds, but they healed automatically. he looked better. 

"your done.." you whispered. Jake stared at you. You began to feel afraid. Then you heard him mutter something. "I can't hear you .." You whispered.

"I'm sorry..." jake muttered under his breath.

"it's ok, you were too shy to tell someone. You thought people would hunt you down. It's ok." you whispered. Jake continued to stare at you. You began to get uncomfortable. "well, I'll go put these back." you said as you grabbed the cloth and basin, putting them in the bathroom. You'll do them in the morning.

When you walked back into the room, jake was nowhere to be found.

"jake? Where are you?" you called.

Suddenly, you felt two things warm wrap around your waist, something warm pushed against your back. And something brushed your hair away and something on your neck. 

"j-jake, what are you doing?" you studdered, blushing.

"I love you..." jake whispered in your ear. Continuing to kiss the nape of your neck. You blushed harder. Hoping he hadnt found your soft spot. Unluckily, he found it which you made a gasp at.

Jake began to bite, lick, suck and kiss it.

You moaned each time he did one. Yet you hoped he hadnt been too rough and made a hickey. Luckily he didn't.

"I love you too..." you whispered. You could feel jakes smirk on your skin. Soon, he stopped and nuzzled into your jugular, and turned you over, so you hugged back and buried your face in his chest as he did with your hair.

"do you hate vampires?" jake asked. "yeah, they murdered my family, right in front of me. I was hiding but they could smell me, but they gave up and left." 

"I'm just the same... I lived with my grandma for a while, before she died..." jake whispered. "I'm sorry to hear that..." "it's fine.."

Jake pulled away from your hug and stared at you, stroking your cheek. you both closed your eyes and leaned in, your foreheads against eachother, before you knew it, your lips were touching. He licked your bottom lip, begging for entrance, you let him in.

You both pulled away for air, but quickly connected again. You both pulled away, hugging eachother in a warm embrace. You yawned and jake took note of this. "tired?" jake asked. You nodded. Jake sat you down, leaning against a wall.

You were just about to doze off, when you heard a growl of pain.

You looked over to see a black wolf wrap it's entire body around you. Protecting you. Then its head Rested on your lap, green eyes becoming slits as it licked your hand for comfort.

"goodnight jake.." you whispered before falling asleep.

You awoke on the floor. Unsurprisingly, roxy wasn't home yet.

You looked on your lap to find jake's head  resting on it, your face flushed redder than kankris sweater. jake looked so peaceful when he was asleep, surprisingly, he had his remaining clothes back on. and you had your hoodie resting on your bed. jakes hair was also shorter, human form maybe.

you ran a hand through jakes hair gently, careful not to wake him up.

then he shot up, awake. "___! I had this crazy dream! Nathan kidnapped us and bit us!, and I had a six pack, and I killed him, and you cleaned my wounds an-  what on earth am I doing here?" he asked. "funny, I had the same dream..." you whispered. you and jake stared at each other. was it real?

jake took his shirt and looked down it, gasping at what he saw. he then looked at you. he then took your wrist and slid it under his shirt? he flinched when one of your fingers accidentally got caught in his belly button.


your eyes widened when you felt him. you slid your hand out from under his shirt.

you both looked at his shoulder, jake silently pulled his shirt away from the shoulder, revealing nothing. jake looked at you, his eyes darting towards your   neck.

you pulled your shirt away from your shoulder, revealing two deep holes on your collarbone. you looked at jake who leaned over and kissed it passionately and licking it before pulling away. the holes disappeared after that.

you then reached over to his mouth and touched one of his canines. sharp and pointy. you pulled away and you both stared into each others eyes. before you knew it, you were hugging each other tightly.

"it's going to be ok ___, it's going to be ok, Nathan's dead, he can't hurt us, he can't hurt you." jake whispered. 

"remember the three words?" you asked.

"uhh, no, wait. oh...those.."jake said.

"i love you too.." you whispered. 

jake rubbed your noses together "will you be my mate, I mean- girlfriend?" he asked.

"of course!"
Help! (vampire hunter! Jake.e X reader) 5
series iz done!
sorry jake is so out of character. I just had this strange dream and decided to make it an x reader.

so there you go, don't hate
DYou awoke in the same position as earlier. The ropes were redone and tighter so you couldn't move at all. Jake was on the other side of the room. Still passed out, chains tied his wrists together and backed him up the other wall. His feet barely touching the ground. Oh no! Hes hot! He had his shirt off, and his glasses and shoes. Just his jeans! Shit, he has a six pack. Hubahubahuba... You tried to turn your head away but your eyes couldn't stop looking at them, they were proper toned abs. Well, what do you expect from a vampire hunter. When his clothes were on, he looked quite dorky and skinny, but this was unexplainable...

Suddenly, Nathan came in with a syringe with a substance you recognised as adrenaline. He stuck the needle into jakes arm, jake awoke, gasping for air. Panting heavily as he took in what was going on. He then looked serious as he saw nathan.

"wakes wakey, rise and shine jake." he said, clicking his fingers in jakes face. Jake blinked and tried to look away but Nathan pulled his face back. "nonono. You have to watch, misbehave and you or ___ gets punished."  Nathan said before punching him in the stomach. Jake threw his head back and grunted. Pulling hard on the chains. They rattled with his movements.

"can't handle the pain, huh, lapdog." Nathan asked.

"why lapdog?" you growled?

Nathan stopped and looked at you. "oh, jake, you didn't tell ___ about your secret?thats a bad jake, hiding things from your friends" Nathan said punching his ribcage this time, apparently this must have been his weak spot because his grunts became louder, longer and deeper and he pulled the chains harder. Nathan took note of this and found it useful.

"well ___, you see, jake is something a vampire doesn't like, lapdogs, just roaming about and killing everything in its path. Isnt that. RIGHT?" Nathan said with clenched teeth and punched him harder in the ribs. Jake clenched his own teeth and growled with a deep voice. 

"well, jake, you see ___, I think you get the hint, jake In fact, a werewolf, aren't you jake." Nathan asked jake. You looked at jake,  who glared at you with pain, anger and misery written all over his face, he hung his head in shame, letting his ebony hair cover his eyes. His pointy ears stuck out from his hair.

"aww, dont cry jake, no more punching, we don't want to hear boring old grunts,how about a roar, huh? Yeah, let's hear a roar!" Nathan said before walking over to get a candle and an unfinished sword which was red hot.

"Dont worry, you won't feel anything. Ok, that was a lie, it'll be excruciating"

Nathan took the candle first and Held it against jakes skin for 6 seconds. Jake gave a deep and loud growl. Nathan swirled it all over his body, in his armpits, his arms, his back, neck. Everywhere until the candle went out. Some patches of his body had blood spilling out of him. 

"no roars? Shame. Hopefully the sword makes you roar." Nathan said before sticking the long thing into jakes belly button. Jake arched his back, and gave the loudest and deepest roar which was inhuman, pulling on the chains with inhuman strength. Once Nathan took the sword away, James roar turned into a scream, then a moan. "there we go! A nice roar from the lapdog. Impressive."

"now, the moment we've all been waiting for, I wonder what would happen if a vampire bit a werewolf. A werepire? A vampwlof? A hybrid would be better." Nathan said as jake panted, sweat pouring down his forehead and body. 

"this is going to hurt jake." Nathan said while lunging at his collarbone. Jake was confused at first, then his eyes widened when Nathan's teeth hit his neck. Jake roared and screamed. Pulling the chains as hard as he could as blood trickled down his shoulder. Nathan pulled away and admired the bitemarks.

"well done. Now, jake, your part is finished. It's time for ___'s turn." Nathan said as he walked over to you. You backed up against the wall. "no escape __, let's get this over and done with. " Nathan said as he grabbed your shoulders. "___! No! DON'T DO THIS! STOP!" jakes voice rang in your ears before you felt a burning sensation in your neck, it was unbearable. You struggled as some of the life drained out of you. You then felt the venom insert you. Your throat was dry with screaming. 

Jake looked at a crack in the cave and grinned. He then transformed into a black, muscular hybrid with razor sharp teeth. He then broke the chains restraining him and sprinting towards nathan. Grabbing him off you and tearing him to pieces and eating some of them. Nathan was dead for good.

He then turned to you and then sucked on your neck, licking the wound. You looked at it to find that it was healing up quick. Then gone. As if nothing happened.

"jump on my back" came the gruff voice of the hybrid. you obeyed and sat on his back and the hybrid ran at break neck pace to find an exit.

Before you knew it, you were in the forest. The hybrid continued running faster than a cheetah.

(Chapter 5 is almost here)
Help! (vampire hunter! jake.e x reader) 4
Reader chan is safe, time or chapter five my lovelies.
homestuck: hall of fame - the script
<> hetalia: international love - pitbull ft. chris brown
<3 doctor who: its time - imagine dragons
c3< sherlock: viva la vida - coldplay
<3< supernatural: pyro - kings of leon

OFF: in the end - black veil brides
dangan ronpa: short hair - mulan
pokemon: pika girl - nightcore
alice in wonderland: let her go - passenger
sonic: sonic x opening
mean girls: fancy - iggy azalea
MLP: discord - kinetic typogaphy
harry potter: magic - BOB Ft. rivers cuomo 
the lorax: fairytale - alexander rybak
mario: like a boss - the lonely island
hunger games: girl on fire - alicia keys
vocaloid: shade slide - kagamine rin
one piece: you are a pirate - lazy town
dubstep: razorsharp - monstercat
divergent: light em up - fall out boy
wreck it ralph: when can i see you again - owl city
the hobbit: counting stars - OneRepublic
iron man: best of you - foo fighters
legend of zelda: times like these - foo fighters
pewdiepie: dj fortify - pewdiepie song
adventure time: Nattopet

tumblr:  im awesome - spose

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