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luvero ratito by kidface
luvero ratito
name: luvero ratito
age: 6.92 solar sweeps
typing quirk: replaces o with <3
lusus: swan
blood: rose pink
sign: heart (although not on his clothing)
usual outfit: pink shirt (Matching blood colour), black tuxedo jacket, black trousers, black shoes.
strife specibi: pistol-kind
god tier: bard of heart
land: land of romance and love

i posted another fantroll!

like deacro, he has a crush on jibade
"_______ Get up!" your roommate said while hitting you in the face with the pillow. You are the tumblr fandom but everyone calls you _____ "What is it adventure time?" you moaned while pulling the covers up over your head. "Have you forgotten?! ____ its your birthday!" your other roommate, sonic exclaimed, hitting you with another pillow. "Guys, staph it" you muttered. "alright! I'm up! I'm up!" you shouted. You got up from your bunk bed, you had claimed the top.

It took you a while to get showered and dressed into your favourite t-shirt, jeans and converse. You looked at the time. 08:49?! 

"Guys! we're gonna be late!" you yelled while grabbing your backpack and running out of the door. "_____! Wait!!" sonic yelled, her skirt  getting blurry from running. One of the amazing things about you was that you were a lot faster than sonic. You also loved running more than her. And she was proud! (secretly a little jealous).

At put her hand on your shoulder. Her golden hair blowing in the wind. "do you ever stop running _______?" she asked, panting. "c'mon, let her run! It IS ____'s birthday after all." sonic said, her blue lipstick plastered on her Lips. "fine, but just for a little while ____, we don't want you ditching us." at said. "when was the last time I ditched you guys?" you asked. The two stayed silent and you all knew the answer to that.  "exactly" you laughed while running up the hill.

Wow, your at the school already. your roommates on either side of you.

"hey _____, who's you OTP?" at asked. "well, vocaloid and hetalia are a good couple" you said.

"yes, so is mlp and sonic" at said. "what?!" "nothing"

"oooh, _____, I know who the best one for you is!" sonic sniggered. "who?" at asked. Sonic bounced her eyebrows. "oh, him, I agree!" at said, smirking at you.

"who?" you asked. "hamsteak!" sonic laughed. "who's hamste- no! Nononono!" you blurted out. "____ it's obvious that you are perfe-" 


Class starts. "I'll see you guys in geography!" you called. Next stop. H.E.

The best part was, it was Friday.


"MLP, that's too much sugar!!!!!!" you screamed. you were making cupcakes and my little pony was filling the entire bowl with sugar. "MLP, are you sure that you want that much?" Pokemon asked. MLP ignored this and kept pouring the bag in the bowl, now sugar was all over the table. 

"CHRIST MLP, that's too much!" dangan ronpa yelled. "that's a lot of sugar...." you whispered. Now sugar was on the floor, no, up to your waist.....

Hannibal walked through the door, with A vacuum cleaner. And started sucking up all the sugar with it. 

"time to put it in the oven!" MLP finally said? He set it to an hour. "MLP NO!"


"goddamnit my little pony!" you yelled. You spent all day cleaning the h.e room.


You set your bag on the table you always sat at. You had sugar all over your entire body. You slammed your head on the table. "ahem. HAPPY BIRTHDAY _____!!!" sang your best friend, doctor who. You smiled and sat up. Happy that someone remembered your birthday. "thanks doc" Yes. You were sitting at a table with doctor who, who was eating a packet of jelly babies. Sherlock who was tring to stop homestuck and supernatural who were fighting again. That's the 1487th time this year! And hetalia who was eating a bowl of pasta in his mouth.

"mmm~ pastaaa~" hetalia said as he put another fork of pasta in his mouth. You laughed at how funny he looked, gobbling it up.

"gentlemen.. The birthday girl has arrived." Sherlock said, smiling slightly. The two stopped fighting. And smirked at you. "hi ___!"

"thank guys." you said. Taking a bite of your Sandwich. 

~~~~~~~~~~time skip bc lazy~~~~~~~~

Finally! School done for the weekend. All the fandomsk were free to play in the yard, watch a movie in the meeting room, or go in their dorms to talk or whatever.

You decided to watch the boys playing soccer. So, you sat on the hill, with some other fandoms, watching the match.

"eeee!" squealed mean girls while she texted on her phone, she had just witnessed supernatural score a goal. You facepalmed. You knew she had a crush on SPN for along time. So, you went To the top of the hill where some of the fandoms played tag or hide and seek. You decided to play tag. Until you decided to go back to your dorm. 
A certain fandom, saw this and decided to follow you.

You stopped in your tracks. "cut it out ouran high school host club." I know your following me, AGAIN..." you muttered, OHSHC had a crush on you for a long time but his charms failed.

"oh princess. How did you know it was me?" he asked. "because you follow me here, every day." you moaned. "yes, but do you Know why I do it?" OHSHC asked. "yes, you have a crush on me." "right again princess, you know, if I were to rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together" he said, giving you a wink. "is that the best you can do? A bit original, sorry, but I have to go." you said, walking away.

"oh princess ____, so delicate like a rose." OHSHC said. You turned a 90% angle and caught caught the rose he threw to you in your fist. It's thorns cut your palm and you hissed with the pain.

"yet so dangerous like its thorns." OHSHC purred. He walked up to you. Somehow, you were frozen, you couldn't move at all! or talk, or breathe. You could only move your eyes. Your chest was bursting for air. 

OHSHC walked up to your frozen Face. He put his hand on your chin and leaned forward...

"leave her alone" said a voice behind you. You couldn't see who it was or turn around. OHSHC sneered behind you. "make me." he said. "don't have me get south park" said the voice. OHSHC gave you a look that said 'this isn't over' and walked away into the trees. 

Your chest was aching for a breath. You thought you were going to die of suffocation.

Finally the figure walked in front of you. Homestuck! "I'm glad he's gone, he does it to almost every girl in the school." he said while looking at your fist and taking some thorns out.

"these are magic roses that OHSHC uses to attract a female. If a thorn gets stuck in your body, then your paralysed unless they get taken out." finally the last thorn was taken out, leaving you gasping for air.

"thanks" you said. "it was nothing, really, it happens all the time." homestuck said, rubbing the back of His neck. "well, you did save my life there." you smirked. Homestuck smiled, but it grew wider once he looked behind you. "look behind you." he said.

You turned around to find OHSHC walking through the forest, only to get five massage water balloons get dropped on his head. then a bag of flour "HOMESTUUUUUCK!!!!!!"

"RUN!" homestuck laughed before taking your hand and running toward a tree with the most leaves. You both were very good tree climbers and were already sitting on the highest, and strongest branch. a wet OHSHC walked underneath you both, looking for you furiously. When you were sure he was gone, you both burst out laughing.

You recovered, only to find out that your hand was resting on top of homestucks. "what?" homestuck asked, only to follow your gaze and stare at you.

Your both leaned forward, closer... And closer... Suddenly.... Your lips touched. you both slowly shut your eyes.

Homestuck kissed you with passion, it wasn't lustful, or deep, it was perfect, it meant he didn't like you for your body, or beauty, he loved you for who you were and how you acted, this feeling was mutual. You placed your hands on his cheeks, as he wrapped one arm around your waist, and stroked your cheek. you both slowly pulled away. he gave you an eskimo kiss. you smiled and did the same. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5 months later~~~~~~~~~~~~

you walked in front of the giant oak tree. "this is where it all started." you said. "yeah, great times." you boyf- MATESPRIT! said as he wrapped an arm around your waist before nuzzling into your neck and kissing it. "heh, oi! not in public." you laughed as you kissed homestuck on the cheek. you were both a cute couple! but one certain fandom was watching, crouching in a bush.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OHSHC P.O.V~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

'how dare he steal the love of my life?!' OHSHC thought before taking out a rose. 'well, _____ is going to be mine, whether she likes it or not!' he thought.


the unconscious OHSHC fell in the bush as a baseball collided with his head. "PURIFIED!!!!!!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a few years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~

homestuck smiled happily as his fiancé walked down the wedding isle, with a 4 month child in her belly.
Birthday (homestuck fandom x reader)
ok, the fandom that said purified was OFF.
well, now there is only 2 homestuck fandom x reader's on deviantart.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
You peered through the bushes. your best friend kai beside you. ok, let me tell you how this all happened.

lord garmadon attacked again just as the ninja were training, hypnotized cole, your non-identical twin brother lloyd called you to see if you were ok, everyone is at the school, its nighttime, cole has turned evil, POOF! you're here.

now cole is on a rampage, killing everyone in his path, now you're all at the school, playing hide and seek, only the seeker is killing who he finds. you and kai are hiding outside, behind the bushes. cole was only after killing your school bully. blood all over him. he had two kitchen knives strapped into the belt of his black skinny jeans. his scythe strapped to the back of his black and grey baseball t-shirt which was covered up by his black zip-up hoodie.

"(Y/N), what are we going to do?" kai whispered. 

"we have to hide and run when we need to.... it's the only way to survive..." you whispered back.kai nodded.cole was nowhere to be found. bodies were on the floor like sheep. 

"do you have your weapon?" you asked kai. he held up his katana, you held up your bow and quiver of arrows. you had two kitchen knives strapped to your belt. you peered through the bushes more. only to find one of the trees shaking. you motioned for kai to get down. you watched closely.

soon a body dropped from the tree. the person was still alive as they landed on both their feet. it was lloyd! you stood up, motioning for him to come forward. lloyd sprinted to you. and he crouched down beside you and kai. "are you two okay? who did cole kill this time?" lloyd asked. "just (bully name)." you said. lloyd nodded. 

soon, you heard more rustling. you looked to the trees to see cole emerging from them. he hadn't noticed you yet. lloyd looked at you. "run to the lockers. we'll meet you there." lloyd said. you hesitated but nodded.

you stood up and ran towards the back of the school. cole had noticed and ran towards lloyd and kai.

"Cole! listen to m-" kais voice was interrupted by a choking noise. 

"Kai! no! cole! stop! cole! AAAA" you heard lloyd yell. after that was a squelching noise.

now your heart was beating so loud, you could even hear it. you looked back over to the bushed. now you wish you hadn't. kai had his throat torn open. while lloyd had his intestines pulled out, wrapped around his neck and hung from a tree. your blood bottled up with anger. sadness and fear followed.

soon you realised, you had the feeling of a presence was near. no, it was behind you. breathing in your ear was unmistakable too. you slowly turned your head. only for you (E/C) eyes to meet red ones.

a strong force grabbed you forcefully and slammed you into the school wall. you struggled. dropping your bow and quiver. cole had dropped his scythe and knives too. now you had just the knives. now you were pinned to the wall. coles arms held your neck, anger in his face. he was about to strangle you, until he eyed his knives. then his eyes shifted back to you. 

"run before i count to ten, princess..." he said before forcefully throwing you towards the door. "ten" he counted while running towards his knives. you ran towards the door. once inside the school. you ran down into the locker room, which was almost underground. it was dark and pitch black. you put your hands in front of you. feeling things until your eyes adjusted to the darkness.

"THREE!!!" screamed  a voice from outside. you backed up on the lockers, all you had to do was hide. hopefully he'll never find you here. soon you felt something warm on your neck. 

"one..." you felt strong arms grab you while your back was pushed to the lockers. you groaned with the pain. "found you princess." you were eye to eye with glowing red orbs. you were shivering in fear now. after your best friend and twin dead? tears were falling down your cheeks.

cole chuckled as you cried and wiped them away from your face. "no need to cry princess. now nothing will hurt you. tsk, don't cry." the smirk was plastered to his face. "why are you doing this?" you choked out. "why? because i love you. now, im going to end the suffering..." 

a strong hand grabbed your throat and lips were pressed against yours. you kissed back as the grip loosened on your neck. cole tasted of blood. he pulled away. staring into your (E/C) eyes. soon, his teeth sank into your throat, licking and nibbling it, Drawing blood through the bite marks. soon, one of the knives was plunged into your heart.

"GAH!!" you awoke, clutching your heart, sweat pouring down your forehead, you must have woken up one of the ninjas, because there was knocking on your door.

"(Y/N)? Are you okay?" asked a voice outside the door. You shuffled backwards on your bed until your back hit the wall." the door opened, revealing the black ninja in a t shirt and boxing shorts. 

"what's wrong?" cole asked, worried. He took a step towards your bed, now towering above you. He lifted some of your bed covers. "mind if I get in?" he asked. You nodded. He got in beside you and wrapped his arms around your small body. "what happened? Nightmare?" he asked, you nodded. Lips were placed on your forehead. 

"it's ok. I'm here" your eyelids were heavy. And you saw darkness. "goodnight (Y/N), I love you"

"Goodnight cole"
homestuck fans with oc's. you may enter if you want.…
homestuck fans with oc's. you may enter if you want.…

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