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fandomstuck Meme fandom by kidface
fandomstuck Meme fandom
Disclaimer: I do not own Fandomstuck, only the character I just created.

Okay i decided to make a fandom because i saw no meme Fandoms in the Fandoms archive so, here.

She seems like the kind of person that would reference a lot of memes and quotes such as: like a boss, trololo etc.

She could be 14 years of age and very boyish.

So, there, hopefully it gets published in tumblr one day, I don't have a tumblr account unfortunately.

So there
"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" your boyfriend, Derek, screamed as he punched you in the stomach for the fifth time today. Tears flowed down your cheeks as you dropped to the floor. "derek... Ple-" "I SAID SHUT UP!" he screamed while kicking your ribs. You began to cough up quite an amount of blood. "YOUR SUCH A BITCH!" your boyfriend picked you up by the collar and shaking you. "I need blood goddamnit!" he growled while biting your neck. You moaned with the pain. Yes, your boyfriend was a vampire... He then dropped your body like a rag doll to the floor. "GET THE FUCK UPSTAIRS, Peters coming and I don't want  to catch you cheating on me with him again" your boyfriend said while taking out a beer from the fridge. You began to crawl to the safety in your room. "tell anyone and your dead, got it?" you muttered a silent yes before sitting on your bed.

Tears ran down your cheeks. You didn't cheat on him. Peter raped you before you could do anything about it. He raped you every time he came. But then derek found out and it all stopped. You don't know why he abuses you. He does it for a living. You can't tell anyone.

Before you knew it you heard the door open. Peter came into the house. You looked in the mirror. A deep blue bruise on your cheek, blood coming from the corner of your mouth, a cut on your forehead, two dark red, almost black,  deep holes in your neck were the worst. You took out your make up and concealed each cut, bruise and mark on your face. You put on a white baseball t with black sleeves and black jeans along with white converse. You brushed your hair so that it wouldn't look messy.

"babe, im going out." you called before walking out the door. It was warm and sunny. 11:30 in the morning. Far too early to get beaten. You walked down the road and went to the park. You sat on a nearby bench. The trees provided shade and the sun was beating on the grass, not a cloud in the sky. It really was amazing. You hear a yell and turned around, two fandoms were fighting, no, not two, three. One was trying to break it up. You knew those fandoms. Homestuck, supernatural and Sherlock. 

You were in a morail triangle  with the Sherlock fandom and the supernatural fandom, who you had red feelings for, the homestuck fandom? He's alright...

you sighed and stood up, walking towards them. You put your hands on homestuck and supernaturals chest and locked your elbows. "OK break it up, BREAK IT UP!" you yelled. It was silent. "thank you ___" Sherlock said. "___, stay out of this...." homestuck facepalmed. "if you want to get yourselves killed, Too bad, this has to stop with you two." you said sternly.

The two fandoms sighed and walked away, supernatural flying off, black feathers falling out as well. Sherlock looked at you. "thank you. If it weren't for you, who knows what could have happened." Sherlock smiled a little bit. You nodded, "no problem." you smiled back. "i shall take my leave, the doctor needs me." Sherlock said before walking away. You waved at him.

You sat on the bench you were at a minute ago. Inhaling the summer scent. Then you heard the trees rustle. "get out of the trees supernatural, I know your'e in there." you sighed. The winged fandom flew down before tucking his wings in. He then sat beside you.

"who did it?" he asked. "what?" you were confused. Supernatural sighed and took your arm, forcing the sleeve up, revealing the cuts and bruises. "THIS, who did it?" he asked again. How did he know? 

" I fell down the stairs, no big deal." you said rather too quickly. SPN grabbed the other arm and revealed more bruises and scars. "they were big stairs." he stared at you in the eyes. "your lying." he said. "someone's beaten you. I need to know who it is." "why?" "you are good at concealing, but not good enough." he said.

You sighed and looked down. You told him everything. How he beaten you. How you lost your virginity to his best friend do many times.  SPN would nod his head every once in a while to know he was listening.

Soon a tear rolled down your cheek. He quickly wiped it away with his thumb. Soon his eyes drifted towards your neck, he swallowed hard. You stiffened. "is there something else he's done that you haven't told me." he said before taking the collar of your shirt and moving it to your shoulder. His eyes widened a little bit, not with anger, but fear. He reached over and touched them. Blood then ran down your shoulder. He then kissed the wound. You blushed redder than hetalias pasta. 

Supernatural stood up. "where are you going?" you asked. "I'm going to make him stop" she said. Fear rushed through your veins. "DON'T" you yelled as you grabbed his arm. "Derek could kill you!" you shouted. "I've done this to many demons before! ___ I have to do this!" "But look at all the bruises I've got! He could take you down in one punch! Not to mention he has that rapist for a best friend!" you screamed.

"I'm sorry ___, but I didn't want to do this." SPN said as he put two fingers on your forehead. You immediately felt dizzy. Before you knew it, you collapsed. The last thing you saw was black feathers and a cat like face.

"WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SNITCH ON ME?!" your boyfriend said as he threw a knife at supernaturals dead body. "PLEASE! DON'T DO THIS!" you screamed. "SHUT UP!" Peter said as he kicked you from behind. "I'm gonna end this once and for all." Derek said as he snapped your neck. You saw darkness.

You awoke in cold sweat. You looked at your surroundings. Night time? It was just a dream? Your still in the park. Supernaturals gone... Wait... Oh god... Has Derek and Peter killed him?! Did he kill them and die from his wounds? Did the police find them and arrest them all? What happened.

"oh, your awake." said a voice with a slight French accent. You turned to see the OFF fandom. "what happened? What are you doing here?" you asked him. "supernatural asked me to watch you while you were unconscious. He said he was going to make your matesprit stop beating you." the masked fandom replied, scratching his raven hair. "you don't understand, He could get himself killed!" you yelled. 

"I don't think that will be possible." OFF said, pointing behind you. You turned to see SPN walking toward you, a few scratches here and there, you ran up to him. "What happened?!" You asked. "Derek won't be abusing you anymore, nor will Peter be raping you, I took care of it..." Supernatural said. 

You both stared at eachother, you looked into his hazel green eyes. Leaned in.... And.... 

"SUPERNATURAL!" Yelled a voice. You both pulled away, disappointed that you didn't kiss. You turned to see Ava's demon running up to your. She was only seven, supernaturals adopted sister. 

She he ran into his arms and cries into his stomach. "Whoa! AD what's wrong?!" He asked, concerned.  "D-d-demons..." She sobbed. Supernatural hugged her tightly, "it's ok... I'll fight them off.. Let's get you home..." Supernatural said. He looked at you. "You should probably head home, g'bye ___." He said before flying off with Ava's demon.

you went home, once you got there, Derek and Peter were nowhere to be seen. It was as if they never existed. You went up to your room, changed into your pyjamas and passed out onto your bed.

but wait! What about OFF?

---a few hours in the past---

OFF watched as ___ walked off into the distance. Suddenly, a brown haired girl with a lions mane jumped out of a nearby tree and walked beside him.

"don't worry, we'll get em next time..." She said, patting his shoulder.


Supernatural wanted you to come to the park the next day. You did. Once you got there, he was there too. "Hey, you needed me here, need anything?" You asked. "Me? YOU were the one who asked me here." Supernatural said.

"SURPRISE MOTHAFUKAS!!!!!" screamed a voice.

Before you could do anything, you felt a kick in your back, you noticed OFF kicking supernatural in the back too, launching you both forward. The most strangest yet best thing about it was, you and supernatural were kissing.

OFF and jude stared at the lovely couple making out. "Our work here Is done, Oui?" OFF asked.

homestuck: hall of fame - the script
<> hetalia: international love - pitbull ft. chris brown
<3 doctor who: its time - imagine dragons
c3< sherlock: viva la vida - coldplay
<3< supernatural: pyro - kings of leon

OFF: in the end - black veil brides
dangan ronpa: short hair - mulan
pokemon: pika girl - nightcore
alice in wonderland: let her go - passenger
sonic: sonic x opening
mean girls: fancy - iggy azalea
MLP: discord - kinetic typogaphy
harry potter: magic - BOB Ft. rivers cuomo 
the lorax: fairytale - alexander rybak
mario: like a boss - the lonely island
hunger games: girl on fire - alicia keys
vocaloid: shade slide - kagamine rin
one piece: you are a pirate - lazy town
dubstep: razorsharp - monstercat
divergent: light em up - fall out boy
wreck it ralph: when can i see you again - owl city
the hobbit: counting stars - OneRepublic
iron man: best of you - foo fighters
legend of zelda: times like these - foo fighters
pewdiepie: dj fortify - pewdiepie song
adventure time: Nattopet

tumblr:  im awesome - spose

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